Why is light crucial? With the help of sound, we can create an image of the environment (sonar), or determine what kind of material it is (eg ultrasonic devices in engineering and medicine), but the sound is spread too slowly, and most importantly, the sound needs a medium through which to transmit. That I had no eyes but only ears, such as. bats, we would never realize we were on the planet, we would never know about planets and stars, the night sky …

If we illuminate the photocell on its excerpts, we will detect electrical voltage. Light strikes an electron, it reacts with a material like a particle (Einstein’s photoelectric effect) but is also re-emitted as the light of a certain wavelength (Quantum laws of radiation), etc. Nothing can be hidden from light, light is quantum, energy, light reveals everything, light illuminates.

One bright spot on the screen, one pixel, requires one bit for its definition and production. If the pixel is gray then we need one byte (8 bits, so we have shades of gray from 0 to 255), while for color photography, one color pixel requires three bytes (one byte for red, green and blue. so-called RGB).

The light created by the electrical impulse on the screen did not bounce off anything material, it did not react with anything real – but that light carries all the wisdom of the Universe!

Animated Gifs 1 shows a computer program that produces 5 x 5-pixel binary frames (a pixel is represented by a square of 5 pixels in length). If by 25 bits we define a thumbnail then there are 2 out of 25 possible frames, i.e. 33554432 possible variations with repetition of class 25 of 2 elements.

Gif 1

This procedure will produce the entire repertoire of photos under defined conditions. However, if a slot machine produces one variation at a time, so let it produce a million variations per second, it will take enormous time. Therefore, a lateral modeling project is being worked on. The procedure, on the other hand, is not mysterious because it is a simple alteration/alteration, ie. it is only a question of whether it will be 1 or 0 in the defined bit/decision length.

Now let’s look at two thumbnails (Fig. 1, Vladan Desnica end monastery Visoki Dečani ) of size 30 times 30 pixels, each with 900 pixels each. In this case, 2 to 900 configurations are possible, i.e. fantastic 8,452 times 10 on 270 different frames! However, it should be that if we had received a small number the whole idea would have contained a mistake, or would have been the result of wrong thinking. For an image that is 100 times 100 pixels in size, we would have impossible 2 already in 10,000 configurations!

                       Fig. 1

It is important to understand here that the image of the monastery is a certain alteration of the white/blank (or black) photograph. A portrait is also modification from set 2 to 900 possible configurations, etc. Finally, we can say that the portrait is a completely specific modification of the configuration, ie. thumbnails of the monastery, and vice versa.

It does not matter that we do not currently have a machine powerful enough and fast enough to process larger and better photos – it is important to understand that the past, the diversity/incomprehensibility of the present moment, as well as the future, play no role, it is important to realize that we are available to each the smallest corner of Cosmos, a photo of anything and anyone is available to us no matter the distance in space and time! (Ontology.) Past and future are not essentially inaccessible or covered, but are inaccessible to the extent that the machine can handle large numbers (large databases).

The future is coming, it has not happened yet – however, it is possible to see it!

Anything that operates with large numbers/events (though not a machine) such as the effects of wind and water as erosion (the earth changes its shape/appearance), then a large number of cells in the body (such as growth/development or health/disease), or 100 billions of nerve cells (when dreaming generates scenes and events that are paradoxical and impossible from everyday experience), or a large number of people preoccupied with the same events/ideas – these are all times when revisions or insights are taking place that contradicts our ideas about granularities, evolution, causation, etc.

Therefore, it is possible to generate a photo of any scene in the Cosmos!

For a photon that exists or does not exist in this or that place, everything has already happened, ie. for this combinatory of units and zeros of a given / arbitrary length, there are no secrets in the Cosmos!

Let’s imagine a pile of Lego dice and imagine tearing that pile apart with one punch. Now re-stack the pile and try to pound the pile the same way. Will you get the same result? Not. The point is that the position of the dice, as well as all the positions around us – therefore – carry information, ie. recording are the conditions of its origin! If the conditions were different for the hair we would have a different look of the world! (Chaos theory.)

Information is all around us, every grass, every area/scene is informative. The automaton, as a material, carries within itself information (like this and that construction) about its origin and survival, i.e. it was built in such a way that its parts / raw materials resisted this construction, i.e. it was built in the only way possible. Finally, it functions in that only possible way and in that sense is in fundamental relation to the environment/matter / raw material, because that matter / raw material also functions / exists/exists in the only way. In that sense, there is no specific boundary between the Automat and its environment at that level of construction/function.

The Universal Interpreter gives us insight and handling of dreams, imagination, and reality equally convincingly – in fact, all yours equally and uniquely, with no fundamental difference.

The point is that from the perspective of the programs and resources of the computer itself, as well as the programming knowledge of the author – we can produce some photography.

In the same way, we can also generate a photo of a scene from Mars or some planet in a distant galaxy…

The question immediately arises, how, in the absence of records, will we know that this is indeed a scene from Mars, not some flamboyant photo that only resembles the desolate red scenes of a desert?

So, we see that the problem of truth has suddenly taken its central position, although it seems to us that in modern times there are more truths, that truth is relative, that truth depends on the point of view, etc.

With the Universal Interpreter, we would see everything: reality and imagination, anything that can exist either real or imagined – and the path of human knowledge and cognition consists of the difficult path/mode of verification/validation.

It would seem that nothing has changed, and so far it has been! Not! The opposite is true: from photography to reality. What exists is a slot machine/machine that produces photos.